The Mortgage Law Firm (TMLF), is a multistate law firm offering GSE compliant default related services to investors, mortgage servicers, lenders and other related entities. The firms practice offers exceptional end-to-end legal representation in six states across the United States including Arizona, California, Hawaii, Oklahoma, Oregon, and Washington.

TMLF is rooted in Max Default Services, a trustee out of southern California, founded by Jason Cotton in 2000. Max Default offered nonjudicial foreclosure services across 12 states to mortgage servicers, investors, and lenders.

In 2010, Jason established The Mortgage Law Firm to offer all legal default related services in California, and in 2011 TMLF opened its Honolulu, Hawaii office as part of its continued growth strategy. In 2012, with the elimination of the GSE’S Designated Counsel program, TMLF established an additional office location in Phoenix, Arizona, and continued growing its customer base. Focused on high performance and quality of service, TMLF quickly became one of the fastest growing firms in the industry. In 2018, TMLF further advanced its growth strategy by establishing local offices in Oklahoma, Washington, and Oregon, doubling its state footprint and allowing it to better serve its clients by offering more services in more states. Under the guidance of Jason, TMLF is committed to continual, sustainable growth while maintaining exceptional service and performance levels.

The Mortgage Law Firm offers exceptional GSE compliant default related services in the following states:


27368 Via Industria, Suite 201
Temecula, CA 92590


1099 Alakea St., Suite 1500
Honolulu, HI 96813


650 NE Holladay St., Suite 1600
Portland, OR 97232


2999 N 44th St., Suite 625
Phoenix, AZ 85018


421 NW 13th St., Suite 300
Oklahoma City, OK 73103


1330 N. Washington, Suite 3575
Spokane, WA 99201

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